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Meet Our Financial Coordinator Joan Silva

Financial coordinator Joan Silva supports hopeful parents in navigating payment

Almost every hopeful parent at our Las Vegas fertility center receives guidance from our financial coordinator Joan Silva. She offers clear and thorough support, helping women and men understand every aspect of their financial options.

As hopeful parents work with their fertility specialists to create customized treatment plans, Joan helps them make informed decisions about how to move forward with payments. She answers any billing related questions and supports patients in determining what their insurance covers.

In addition, Joan connects hopeful parents with outside resources, such as financing companies. She also helps them utilize discount programs. She does everything possible to make the journey to a healthy baby as affordable as possible.

Connecting with hopeful parents as financial coordinator

One of Joan’s favorite aspects of her job as financial coordinator is connecting with hopeful parents and making their journey a little easier. “I love problem solving with patients. I’m grateful to be a support system for them,” Joan says.

She’s moved by the stories of many of the hopeful parents and honored to play a part in the creation of a family, whether the woman or the man is single, in a same-sex relationship, or freezing their genetic material to start a family later.

Joan Silva is also proud of the quality of treatment patients receive at our Las Vegas fertility center, saying, “The staff goes above and beyond for everyone who walks through our doors, and the doctors are always researching innovative ways to help women and men build their families. It’s amazing to hear all the success stories.”

Joan Silva has a passion for helping others

Beyond working as a financial coordinator at our clinic, Joan is in school researching educational interventions for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder. Helping others is one of her greatest passions.

As Joan continues her education, she’s grateful to work in such a supportive environment. “Our team of doctors and staff are amazing! We are a close-knit family and the work culture is so inspiring.”

For information about our Las Vegas fertility center, contact us today. Joan Silva, together with our entire team of experienced professionals, looks forward to assisting you.

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