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Joanne Zhou, Director of Chinese Operations

Joanne Zhou

Joanne Zhou helps patients navigate the ins and outs of American fertility treatment

Joanne Zhou

Joanne Zhou is the friend that Chinese-speaking patients need when they come to our Las Vegas fertility center. She helps them understand every aspect of their treatment. As Director of Chinese Operations, Joanne oversees the whole process for each Chinese patient. “I’m here for them, providing constant directions and assistance. I hope I can give them more understanding and comfort.”

Our Director of Chinese Operations assists patients with every aspect of their journey

Born and raised in China, Joanne earned a B.A. in communications management and worked as a journalist and public relations specialist. She moved to Massachusetts and received her M.S. in marketing communications before working in a senior center with elderly Asian patients, many of whom had only lived in the United States for ten years or less. She says, “Many Asians move to the United States when they retire to be near their children and grandchildren. They still have language difficulties and natural differences and have difficulty adapting to a new world and a new country. That experience made me want to go into the mental aspects of communication–to become a bridge and fill a gap.”

Joanne Zhou came to our Las Vegas fertility Center in 2014 to work as a medical coordinator. This position helped her learn all the steps in the fertility process, knowledge which she uses every day in her work with international patients.

As Director of China operations, she is everything from an organizer to the friendly face and counselor Chinese-speaking patients can rely on. “When people come from different countries, they spend a lot of time and money even before they fly here for treatment. They wonder where they will stay, what their schedule will be and what will happen when they arrive in Las Vegas. I answer all their questions.”

Joanne understands the magnitude of patients’ decisions to come to the U.S. for treatment. “Making the decision to spend a lot of time and money in another country takes a lot of faith. I feel rewarded in my job because I understand them, and I can provide them with solutions.”

In her spare time, Joanne Zhou helps Chinese-speaking immigrants assimilate in the U.S.

Joanne Zhou
Joanne Zhou

A passion for helping Chinese-speaking patients led Joanne to her volunteer work. She teaches English and career skills to new immigrants and students from China who have moved to the United States to pursue education and jobs. Likewise, she enjoys helping elderly Chinese people learn about every aspect of American life.

Our Las Vegas fertility center offers the finest international concierge experience

Patients benefit from the enthusiasm and experience Joanne Zhou brings to her job as Director of China Operations. “The biggest advantage is that I really know every single step of the medical process—what happens before patients land, after they land and many things they never think of. I believe that we have the best international concierge experience of any fertility practice.”

To learn more about international fertility care or our Las Vegas fertility center, contact us to schedule a consultation. Joanne Zhou, together with our entire team of experienced professionals, looks forward to assisting you.

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