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Meet Elizabeth Bender, Financial Coordinator

Financial coordinator Elizabeth Bender cares about more than just numbers

When hopeful parents have financial questions related to how payments are processed or need status updates on insurance filings from our Las Vegas fertility center, financial coordinator Elizabeth (Liz) Bender is ready to help. She prides herself on being accurate, efficient and compassionate.

Liz had five years of medical billing experience before joining the Fertility Center Las Vegas team in March 2023. A primary part of her daily job is focused on submitting insurance claims on behalf of our patients. This involves attention to detail, as she is careful to make sure all medical coding is correct. In her job, she diligently double checks lab reports to ensure the dates of service and procedures submitted to insurance are accurate. 

Once she has submitted a claim on behalf of a patient, she works to keep patients informed as that process can take time. She will communicate with patients to help them understand if the amount owed that is displayed in their portal reflects if a claim has been settled or is still in process.  

“I know sometimes it’s stressful for our patients, and I want to make things as easy as I can for them,” Liz says. “I feel like it’s my job to help take care of them. I am so happy to support them from behind the scenes.” 

In addition to handling aspects of insurance claims, Liz actively processes payments daily. She is the point person for patients who might have questions if and/or when their credit card has been processed for payment, or if a patient needs to request a receipt, she is ready to help.

Finding happiness in the joy of others

After previously working in medical billing for an office with several doctors, Liz was looking for the human side behind the numbers.

After graduating high school, Liz pursued medical billing and coding because she had a knack for numbers and a penchant for organization. What attracted her to the field of fertility is that she could use her skills and find a deeper sense of purpose by making a difference for others. 

“The reason I am in this job is that I know I am doing something to truly help others, and I experience the excitement of knowing our work can help someone start a family,” Liz says, “You don’t always get that experience in medical billing. But if we get an email expressing thanks from a patient to our whole team, that is just the best.”

Liz creatively designs her life.

Outside of work, Liz has a creative side that is on display as an entrepreneur. Her flair for fashion shows up as she creates designer purses, hooded backpacks and custom shoe boxes. These items are unique as Liz designs her own patterns, sews by hand and sells under the brand name Elizabeth Lauren. 

Liz’s mother taught her to sew, and at age 6, her mom paid her $1 per pattern she would painstakingly cut. Even as a young girl, that meticulous streak served her well as she would decipher the hieroglyphics of a paper pattern, following the numbers and discerning differences between solid grainlines and dotted cutting lines. 

That special care and consideration continue to serve her in her daily work. She is happy to be part of the team at Fertility Center Las Vegas and prides herself on the role everyone plays to help all patients begin or grow their families. 

“The teamwork here is really phenomenal, and we have built bonds and friendships,” Liz says. “We know that what we are doing is more than just a job. We are ultimately bringing joy into the world.”

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