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Sperm Count Decline

New study reveals dramatic sperm count decline

It’s natural for men to be curious about their fertility, especially when they are ready to become dads. That’s why so many men visit us for fertility testing in Las Vegas. They want to know what’s going on with their sperm count.

New research offers some surprising news that men today may not be as fertile as their fathers and grandfathers, which highlights the importance of male fertility testing.

A new study, published in July 2017 in Human Reproduction Update, reveals that in the four decades leading up to 2011, sperm count declined by 59% among men in North America, New Zealand, Europe and Australia. Sperm concentration also went down by 52%.

What do these sperm count findings mean?

The long-range study of nearly 43,000 men was based on semen samples collected between 1973 and 2011, in 50 different industrialized Western countries. Overall, sperm concentration declined by 1.4% each year, and sperm count went down by 1.6% annually.

  • Sperm concentration: The number of sperm in each milliliter of fluid
  • Sperm count: Sperm concentration multiplied by total ejaculate volume

The research didn’t delve into the reasons behind the declining sperm count numbers, but the leader of this study suggested that exposure to a growing number of chemicals may be one of several causes. Exposure to certain endocrine-disrupting chemicals can have harmful effects before a man is even born, as these chemicals can cause issues with a baby’s growing reproductive system.

Certain chemicals – including some frequently used for pest control – can also affect hormone production in adults. Other research has associated low sperm count and declining fertility with obesity, smoking, stress and exposing the testicles to extreme heat.

Our advice for men who are trying to become dads and are concerned about sperm count:

  1. Try to avoid exposure to chemicals, heat and stress
  2. Eat a healthy diet
  3. Stop smoking

If you’re like most men and really want to understand what your sperm count and concentration mean, see us for male fertility testing.

Get tested

Male fertility testing can provide detailed information about a man’s fertility potential, including overall sperm count and the sperm’s ability to swim and penetrate an egg. A simple test called semen analysis is the first step, and it’s often covered by insurance as part of a complete fertility diagnostic workup.

To learn the facts about your or your partner’s sperm count, contact us to schedule male fertility testing in Las Vegas.

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