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Patient Mentorship Program at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

Sometimes the best people to help you get through a difficult time are those who have previously gone through the same thing. The staff at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is always available and will guide you through every step of the fertility process. If you need help with nutritional diet plans or just want a shoulder to lean on, we will be there before, during and after treatments.

Over the years, however, we have found that people who have been through fertility treatments become a valuable resource to those who are just beginning their journey to parenthood. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas created the Patient Mentorship Program to bring previous patients and new patients together to answer any questions they may have and form a strong bond throughout the process.

Seeking out help with any infertility issues can be stressful for any individual or couples. We want to create an environment to relieve any anxieties and fears that you may have and one way to do that is to answer any questions you may have.

With the Patient Mentorship Program, in addition to the in-depth consultations, former patients can give hope, empathy, advice and optimism to current patients. Through the program, we organize support groups, activities and events where patients may learn from each other and provide the support needed to get through this process that leads to a family.

The Patient Mentorship Program is headed by The Fertility Center of Las Vegas’ very own Abby Zeldin. Abby has a strong passion for helping others and mentoring individuals and couples as they venture on their journey to parenthood.

For more information about the program or to get started on your journey to parenthood today, visit The Fertility Center of Las Vegas website or call us at 702-254-1777.

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