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Advances in the medical field have been increasing over the years and now there are safer procedures able to treat a wider range of illnesses. Although not all diseases can be treated through stem cells, a vast amount of life-threatening illnesses can be managed with the cells that come from cord blood. With extensive experience and a commitment to continuously evolving technological advances, Cord Blood CryoSource offers you all the benefits of a large national organization but with the ease and personal attention of a local center.

The blood that remains in your baby’s umbilical cord contains many stem cells. These are immature blood cells that have the capability to form and mature into any type of blood cell in the body. As your baby grows and develops, the stem cells are used to form the cells that make up vital organs, nerves, veins and all systems of the human body. They have the ability to heal and regenerate any issues in the body, causing them to act as a master cell.

The stem cells are distinctive to your baby and any family member who is a match. It is important to remember that you only have one opportunity to collect your baby’s cord blood. Immediately after pregnancy and when the umbilical cord is clamped off and cut, the physician can collect the cord blood with the use of a gravity bag. There is absolutely no pain for you or your child and there are no risks involved when obtaining the cord blood.

Once the physician collects the cord blood, it can be examined and processed by specialists. The cord blood is then frozen and kept indefinitely in a storage bank. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas sends the cord blood to Cord Blood CryoSource’s state-of-the-art laboratory, located in Henderson, Nevada. If you ever need access to the cord blood, they will be able to process and have it available to you within 48 hours.

Cord blood is rich in stem cells and can be used to treat many life-threatening illnesses. While not all diseases can be cured through cord blood, many forms such as cancers, blood disorders, immune disorders, metabolic disorders and much more can be cured through the cord blood. A more extensive list can be found on Cord Blood CryoSource’s website.

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