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Briana Ohel, IVF Department Supervisor

Briana Ohel, RN: Our IVF department supervisor works behind-the-scenes to help us provide high quality IVF care

Our IVF patients may not see Briana Ohel, our IVF department supervisor, but they benefit from her work. Briana’s primary job is reviewing records and medical screening tests for incoming gestational carriers and egg donors.

“I review gestational carriers’ records to make sure they are qualified candidates that we can pass on to our physicians to review. I also look at any medical screening testing to determine if they are good surrogacy or egg donor candidates.”

Although Briana Ohel doesn’t often work directly with patients at our Las Vegas fertility center, she still says learning about patients who are pregnant and have given birth is the best part of the job.

Briana Ohel brings nursing experience to her job at our Las Vegas fertility center

Briana is a registered nurse who worked as an IVF nurse for 11 years prior to joining the Fertility Center of Las Vegas in 2022. She began her career at our Las Vegas fertility center as a patient coordinator, working directly with patients and coordinating their care with egg donors and gestational carriers. Being a patient coordinator prepared her well for her current position as IVF department supervisor.

“It’s helped me know how the process works. Knowing what goes on from before patients even start taking medication and knowing what they go through makes my job easier. I understand every step of their IVF treatment.”

A former IVF patient herself, ensuring quality IVF care is personal for our supervisor

Briana and her husband have personal experience with IVF, conceiving their twins, a boy and a girl, thanks to IVF treatment. She wants patients to know that she understands what they are experiencing.

“I think it’s important for patients to know that I’ve been through the things they are experiencing—the injections, the egg retrieval, all of it. I have first-hand knowledge of the IVF process.”

In her spare time, our IVF department supervisor stays busy with her active children

Asked about her hobbies, Briana Ohel laughs, saying, “My hobbies are driving my kids around to all their hobbies and relaxing when I’m not taking care of my kids or driving them around.” It’s the kind of busyness parents everywhere understand. Briana hopes her patients get to experience the constant activity and joy of parenthood in the future as well.

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