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Fertility Treatments in Las Vegas: Spotlight on Dr. Bedient

Written by The Fertility Center on . Posted in Latest News

The Fertility Center has been offering world-class fertility treatments in Las Vegas since 1988. We are proud to staff our facility with experienced professionals passionate about helping people who suffer from infertility. Today, we spotlight a doctor new to our practice, Dr. Carrie Bedient, who is celebrating success with in vitro fertilization procedures.

Dr. Bedient’s History of Fertility Treatments in Las Vegas

Fertility Treatments in Las Vegas: Spotlight on Dr. BedientDr. Bedient joined our practice in October 2015. She is specialty board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and is sub-specialty board eligible in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. When asked about how it feels to work for The Fertility Center, she responded that she was “proud to work here because of the experience of the staff and the welcoming family environment.”

Recently, Dr. Carrie Bedient referred her first successful in vitro fertilization pregnancy to an OBGYN. This means that after the long process of treatments, appointments and check-ups, she informed her patient that a sweet little baby is on the way! Dr. Bedient stated that this success is an exciting moment for her; she hopes that this will mark the beginning of a long and successful career of fertility treatments at The Fertility Center. She states:

“It feels incredible to be able to tell someone who has struggled with infertility for so long that she is pregnant, and even more amazing to watch the soon-to-be new parents see and hear the first heartbeat. That is easily my favorite part of what I do.”

What treatments does she specialize in?

At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, Dr. Bedient specializes in IVF, including procedures using an egg donor, sperm donor or gestational carrier. She also performs insemination procedures and medicated cycles. So, if you are looking for fertility treatments in Las Vegas, Dr. Bedient is experienced in the treatments you may need.

Advice and Support from The Fertility Center

The process of becoming pregnant after suffering from infertility is a long and sometimes frustrating one. Fortunately, The Fertility Center is staffed with caring and passionate specialists who are here to support you. Dr. Bedient offers her advice to intended parents:

“Hang in there. Help is available. The technology and knowledge we have available now are truly incredible, and with the whole team, we can do it together!”

Dr. Bedient and the staff at The Fertility Center are confident about their fertility treatments in Las Vegas. We have the skills, resources and technology to help you start your family. Call us to schedule a consultation today!

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