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Advocacy Day 2020 Goes Virtual

COVID-19 can’t stop Advocacy Day 2020 - How the FCLV doctors are involved with Advocacy Day 2020

COVID-19 can’t stop Advocacy Day 2020

This month is an exciting time for the infertility community because it’s when RESOLVE Advocacy Day 2020 occurs. This day allows fertility doctors, patients and supporters to meet with congresspeople from across the country. It’s a time to share stories and discuss legislation to increase infertility awareness, improve access to fertility medical care and break down the barriers to adoption processes.

Advocacy Day participants can’t go to Capitol Hill in person this year, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As a result, this year’s event will be virtual.

How the FCLV doctors are involved with Advocacy Day 2020

Advocacy Day is near and dear to everyone at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV). In fact, Carrie Bedient MD and Leah Kaye MD (the state captain) are leading the delegation from Nevada this year. Our Las Vegas fertility doctors will lead the phone and web conference meetings with our senators, representatives and their staffers on May 20.

Leading the Nevada delegation on Advocacy Day 2020 involves extensive preparation, which includes the following steps.

  • Planning the talking points for the meetings
  • Highlighting the stories of families
  • Identifying the family-building struggles affecting people in Nevada and around the U.S.
  • Researching the ways our congresspeople have been supportive in the past
  • Asking our congresspeople to support bills that address access to family-building services

On the day of the event, our Las Vegas fertility doctors will lead web and phone-based meetings between congresspeople and patients, medical professionals, lawyers, and industry leaders. The goal is to promote a number of bills in the House and the Senate, as well as request additional funding for national reproductive medicine research.

Why does Advocacy Day matter?

Participating in Advocacy Day 2020 allows us to get in front of lawmakers to discuss the needs of the infertility community, which can lead to new legislation. It also promotes social change by building up support from our friends and family.

Our Las Vegas fertility doctors also love participating in this event for another reason. According to Dr. Kaye, “It’s a great chance to get reenergized about our work and take it to another level for our patients. Our role on May 20 is to make sure all their voices are heard, and barriers like COVID-19 aren’t going to stop us.”

If you have questions about Advocacy Day or would like to start exploring family building for yourself, contact our team. We’d love to assist you.

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