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Intel Takes Step in Right Direction With New Family Benefits

Not every family is made up the same way. There is no general consensus when it comes to how people define what makes up a “typical” family. Intel has recognized this and is taking steps to upgrade its job benefits to accommodate everybody as best as possible. Intel has released a statement stating that “Family is family – no matter what it looks like.” They have stepped it up in every aspect of their family benefits from an increased amount of aid for fertility coverage and adoption to even adding “family bonding time” as a paid leave option comparable to maternity leave.

Intel’s new job benefits focus mainly on fertility and adoption options. They have tripled their adoption assistance program and have even quadrupled their fertility coverage, including covering the costs for prescription medication.

The average cost of adoption has increased significantly over the years. Intel’s job benefits initially allotted $5,000 for adoption assistance but has raised the amount to $15,000. They have also removed the lifetime maximum on adoption. In a recent press release the company stated, “Whether Intel employees are looking into adopting a first child, or are creating room in their home for those who need it most, removing a lifetime maximum on adoption benefits allows employees to bring the maximum amount of love into their family.”

Intel has increased the amount of fertility coverage significantly to match the average costs of most treatments and procedures. They have raised the amount from $10,000 to $40,000 with an additional $20,000 for any prescription coverage needed during the process. They have also removed the requirement to have a medical diagnosis to qualify. This will allow same-sex couples to pursue this as an option as well.

In January of this year, Intel added the “family bonding leave,” which allows new parents to take up to an additional eight weeks of paid leave to spend with their newborn child. This is an addition to the already existing pregnancy policy that allows new mothers up to 13 weeks of paid leave. Parents are allowed to take family bonding leave at any time within the first 12 months of the baby’s birth, adoption or foster placement.

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