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How to Support Friends or Family Dealing With Infertility Problems

Millions of people in the United States suffer from infertility problems. You may know a few people in need of fertility treatments in order to conceive. Sometimes, living with infertility is a grieving process. Many people go through the struggle of trying to conceive and then losing the baby they will never meet. It is important that you as their friend and family know the best ways to support them in this journey.

Research Infertility Problems

Many blogs out there give advice on how to help out an infertile friend or couple. One of the first (and best) things you can do to support them is doing your research. A lot of different causes in men and women contribute to infertility problems. The best way to help your friend is to understand the medical side of things, and know the lingo that goes with their condition. In the case of supporting your friend or family, ignorance is not bliss.

Let them Talk

Sometimes, all your friend wants is someone who will listen. A lot of the feelings come with infertility and can only be fully understood by someone who is going through the same thing. So, do not try to offer advice they may not be able to follow. Ask them what they need or want from you. It is best to let them handle the situation in the way that works for them, rather than telling them what to do or how to think about the situation.

Celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day

Infertile couples who have lost a baby are still parents. They had to go through the process of grieving a child that was not able to make it through a full-term, healthy pregnancy. Empathize with their struggle, and make sure to acknowledge their journey on Mother’s’ Day and Father’s’ Day. It would be a kind gesture to let them know that you support their journey and that you are also grieving the baby they lost.

Don’t Minimize the Issuewomen support friend with infertility problems

Never tell an infertile person to “just relax,” or tell them that their situation is not that serious. To them, this issue is a large part of their life and the possibility of expanding their family. You may not be able to understand their feelings fully unless you have experienced the pain yourself. Therefore, the best thing to do is allow them to have the feelings they have. Understand that it is one of the most important things impacting their life.

Don’t Push a Solution on Them

As stated above, you may not fully understand what the infertile individual or couple is going through. It is their struggle that you are merely helping them deal with emotionally. It is not your job to force them into a solution they are not comfortable with. Fertility treatments, adoption, or just giving up are not things that you should tell them to do. They must be able to figure out which solution works best for them and their family. Also, it may not be a decision they make immediately or easily. Give them their time to reflect fully and decide which solution makes the most sense for them.

Accompany Them to the Doctor

Doctor’s appointments can be difficult and emotional. If your friend or family member does not have a support person to take them to the doctor and sit with them through the consultations and procedures, offer to accompany them. This will show that you care about their journey, and you want to be there for them in a situation that can, a lot of the time, be lonely.

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