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Why You Should Consider Becoming an Egg Donor or a Surrogate

Individuals and couples across the nation face problems with infertility. While there are many fertility treatments available for these people, some still do not find success with these procedures. That is where an egg donor and surrogate play a part in helping infertile people start their own family. These two procedures provide assistance to the man, woman, or couple who cannot conceive a child on their own and have exhausted all attempts at fertility treatments. Doctors at fertility centers ask for people who are healthy and fertile to offer their assistance to those facing infertility.

How Does Being an Egg Donor Work?

An egg donor is a healthy, fertile woman who gives an egg or several eggs to an infertile woman. Then, that egg is transplanted into the uterus of the infertile woman, in hopes the egg will be able to be fertilized and the woman will become pregnant. The donor, normally between the ages of 24 to 34, must go through a process of about three months, in which she gives herself hormonal injections that prepare her body for the egg’s removal. This process is a quick one with a lifelong lasting impact. On average, egg donors can be compensated between $3,000 to $5,000. Often, there is a higher reward for women who donate a second (or third) time and for women who have completed higher education or serve in a professional field.

woman considers becoming an egg donorApart from the monetary compensation, the female egg donor is rewarded with being able to share the gift of life with someone who otherwise could not create it. It is a selfless act that would mean so much to the receiving individuals. Most of the time, the donation is anonymous, but some women choose to donate to a close friend of family member in need of assistance, which could be even more rewarding, as they will be able to watch the process of their once- infertile friend enjoy the thrills of pregnancy and motherhood.

Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have. With age, the quality and quantity of women’s eggs begin to diminish. So, the biggest reason that some women donate their eggs is because of this fact: “I’m not using them right now, so I should donate them to a woman who will.” If you are not actively trying to get pregnant, why let your eggs go to waste?

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy, or becoming a gestational carrier, is when a woman carries a baby and delivers that baby for an individual or couple who is unable to carry a baby through a full-term healthy pregnancy. In vitro fertilization is the main way that a woman becomes a surrogate. The embryo is fertilized in a lab, and then transplanted into the surrogate’s uterus.

The surrogate is compensated for carrying and delivering the baby, at a much higher rate than egg donors. Again, it is a selfless acts that helps an infertile family create life. With the individual or couple they deliver for, surrogates are said to create a community, a different kind of family. The process of pregnancy is shared by the whole family, and the surrogate is able to offer a priceless service to the family: life.

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