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Meet Angie Kinsey Spanish-Speaking IVF Clinical Coordinator

Angie Kinsey - Spanish-Speaking IVF Clinical Coordinator

IVF clinical coordinator Angie Kinsey truly understands how to support hopeful parents

Angie Kinsey - Spanish-Speaking IVF Clinical CoordinatorHopeful parents can rest assured that IVF Coordinator Angie Kinsey truly understands fertility challenges through her own experience.  She offers staunch support for both English and Spanish-speaking patients who want to pursue IVF as an option to pave the pathway to parenthood when they visit our Las Vegas fertility center.

Angie describes herself as “extremely empathetic” because she understands the fertility challenges first-hand. While she is a proud mom to her 18-year-old son, she was unable to conceive a hoped-for second child.

“I’m so grateful I have my 18-year-old son,” Angie says. “But unfortunately, I could not have a second child. I understand that sinking feeling you get over and over, year after year. I feel like I can truly understand what my patients are going through.”

The true joy in her job comes from knowing she has helped those who thought they might be unable to conceive. She said she feels this deeply on a personal level because while she could not have a second biological child, she treasures the close relationship she has forged as a godmother to her best friend’s 2-year-old daughter.

“I am very close to this little girl, and I cherish the time I spend with her as her godmother,” Angie says.

Committed to compassionate communication

Angie Kinsey - Spanish-Speaking IVF Clinical CoordinatorAngie prides herself on being detail-orientated and ensuring that her patients have a clear understanding of the IVF process every step of the way. From her initial introduction to serve as a point of contact for those considering IVF, she follows up after each patient appointment and sends regular protocol and medication updates. She is in daily meetings with physicians to review patient charts and makes sure that she is up to date about all of the patient cycles she is helping to coordinate.

But beyond conveying medical information, she finds great fulfillment in providing a level of empathy and hope in difficult moments.

“I always want my patients to know what the next steps are, and knowing they understand that makes my job worthwhile,” Angie says. “But a big part of communication is being a good listener. I understand how heartbreaking it can feel, but I try to encourage them that we have options, and I am here to support them every step of the way.”

Angie puts her family first

In addition to spending time with her son, Angie shares her free time with her best friend and her goddaughter. She loves giving her goddaughter impromptu Spanish lessons. When she isn’t doting on her family and loved ones, Angie loves to be outside planting in the garden, exploring art and reading books. Unsurprisingly, books written by motivational speakers pique her interest.

“I truly love the positive messages motivational speakers can share with others, just as I try to do in my own daily life,” Angie says.

To learn more about IVF, contact us to schedule a consultation. Angie, along with our entire team of experienced professionals, looks forward to assisting you.

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