The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

It’s important to select a board certified fertility specialist when you’re trying to conceive

When you need help welcoming a baby, a fertility doctor is your best bet. However, not just any fertility doctor can help you achieve your dream of parenthood. To increase your chance of success, you’ll want to partner with a fertility doctor who is a specialty board certified and subspecialty board certified fertility specialist.

Each of our Las Vegas fertility doctors has earned dual board certification in obstetrics and gynecology as well as reproductive endocrinology and infertility. This means that each doctor at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV) has completed specialized training and passed their fertility subspecialty comprehensive exams. As a result, they can provide the latest diagnostic and treatment options.

How does someone become a board certified fertility specialist?

It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to earn board certification as a reproductive endocrinologist. In fact, it involves multiple years of training and several different steps.

  • Four years of medical school
  • Four years of obstetrics and gynecology residency
  • Three years of reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellowship
  • At least two years of practice after fellowship before taking the board examinations

After completing all these requirements, the final step is passing two written and two oral examinations. One set of exams focuses on topics in obstetrics and gynecology, while the other set covers reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Every doctor at FCLV is among an elite group of fertility physicians who have met all these requirements for board certification.

How does board certification benefit you?

When you work with a board certified fertility specialist on your path to parenthood, you’re receiving the best fertility care possible for several reasons.

The Gold Standard. Medical school and residency training are both challenging. However, they’re the minimum requirements to treat a patient with infertility. A physician with board certification has gone above and beyond these basic requirements.

Better Outcomes. Research indicates that board certification leads to better patient outcomes and enhanced communication between doctors and patients.

Staying Current. All fertility doctors who were board certified in 1987 or later must complete annual training. They also need to pass a written exam every six years. These requirements ensure that board certified fertility specialists understand the latest developments in the field.

If you want to work with one of our Las Vegas fertility doctors, we invite you to contact us. When you visit our practice, you’ll see the difference that board certification can make.