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Meet Ashlei Newton, a local and international third party IVF case manager

As an IVF case manager, Ashlei Newton guides hopeful parents, egg donors and gestational carriers through the IVF process. In addition to managing the care of local patients who need third party IVF to grow their families, she is also responsible for most English-speaking patients who come to The Fertility Center of Las Vegas from all over the world. Throughout the day, it’s not uncommon for Ashlei to talk with hopeful parents from Australia, Germany, Italy, the UK or Switzerland.

Ashlei understands that IVF can be a stressful experience for patients, whether they are struggling with infertility, or are a single person or part of a same-sex couple in need of donor eggs, donor sperm or a gestational carrier to have a baby. Her personal experience with infertility and IVF makes her especially empathetic to patients who come to FCLV for help with IVF in Las Vegas.

Our third party IVF case manager was once an IVF patient

After attending medical assistant school in Las Vegas, Ashlei started her career working in women’s health and high-risk pregnancy, moving to Texas and California before returning to Las Vegas to continue her career as a medical assistant.

“I have always loved helping people, and women’s health is something I’ve always liked and had an interest in,” she says. “I love working in healthcare, and I missed getting to see patients and build a relationship with them. So I started looking for work on the clinical side, and that’s when I came to The Fertility Center of Las Vegas as a medical assistant. By that time, I had a decade of experience in women’s health.”

Ashlei joined the international team at FCLV in 2012, and about a year later, she and her husband became patients themselves. After two cycles of IVF, she got pregnant with her son, and the day he turned three months old, she learned that she had conceived naturally. Today, her little boy and girl are thriving, and she couldn’t be more grateful for the advanced IVF treatment that made parenthood possible for her and her husband.

“I understand what it’s like to be on the patient side,” she says. “Every emotion patients are feeling, I’ve also felt. Lots of people don’t have anyone to share their feelings with, and they feel like they are alone. I want to be a friend to them as well as a guide. There is so much comfort in someone saying that they have been through it, too.”

Despite managing multiple local and international IVF cases at one time as an IVF case manager, Ashlei has a knack for remembering the little details that matter, such as where each patient is in his or her cycle, and even the names of their pets.

“I form a relationship with them because we talk so much,” she says. “Many of them come back and visit with their babies, and that’s the best. So many times during their journey, I assure them that ‘you will get there.’ And then after they bring their baby in, they forget everything they went through, just like I assured them they would. They are just so grateful for their perfect little babies.”

Never “just a number”

As a third party IVF case manager, Ashlei always strives to go above and beyond to make sure people don’t “feel like a number.”

“I am passionate about what I do, and it really doesn’t feel like a job,” she says. “I know I’m making a difference because someone doing this same job made a difference in my life when I needed IVF.”

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