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National Doctors’ Day

On National Doctor’s Day, gratitude for our fertility specialists

On National Doctors’ Day, gratitude for our fertility specialists

Since 1933, National Doctors’ Day has been a special day to honor the physicians who make our lives healthier and better. Commemorated each year on March 30, this special day honors physicians for their work for their patients and communities and for society as a whole. For our Las Vegas fertility doctors, it’s a day when we remember to say “thank you” for everything they do to help people become parents.

Honoring our fertility specialists on their special day

While National Doctors’ Day is a great day to recognize all the contributions our physicians make, they work hard every day to create positive patient experiences and improve lives. If you haven’t yet met our entire team of dedicated Las Vegas fertility doctors, take a moment to get to know our fertility specialists better.

Bruce Shapiro, MD, PhD, is the founder of the Fertility Center of Las Vegas, and is the most highly experienced fertility specialist in the state of Nevada. A true innovator, he has developed IVF techniques that are in widespread use all over the world today, and he continues to conduct groundbreaking research to advance the state of the art in fertility care.

Carrie Bedient, MD, was Nevada’s very first female board certified reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist. This award-winning doctor has advanced training in robotic and laparoscopic surgery, and is the director of the REI residency program at Mountainview. She’s also the host of a really fun podcast about fertility called Fertility Docs Uncensored – find it and tune in!

Leah Kaye, MD, is Nevada’s second board certified REI. She’s skilled in all areas of fertility treatment, but has special interests in obesity and fertility, embryo implantation and transgender fertility. A native of Oregon, she pursued her medical training on the East Coast, but landed in Las Vegas because it’s home to her extended family.

A passion for people

If you ask each of our fertility specialists what they love most about their jobs, all of them will mention how much they love working with our patients. They make a great team because they share a singular passion for helping men and women pursue their dreams through the most advanced fertility treatment available today.

If you’re a current or former patient on this National Doctors’ Day, be sure to share a kind word with your FCLV physicians. From the FCLV team, a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Shapiro, Dr. Bedient and Dr. Kaye for giving it their all to bring the very best care to every patient, every day.

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