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In-Person Infertility Support Groups

In-person infertility support groups help hopeful parents feel less alone on the path to parenthood

In-person infertility support groups help hopeful parents feel less alone on the path to parenthood

We’ve found that patients at our Las Vegas fertility center can greatly benefit from in-person infertility support groups. These groups allow those struggling to build families to connect face-to-face with others navigating similar fertility issues. This connection can ease the isolation some hopeful parents experience, and provides an outlet for them to release their emotions and learn more about helpful infertility resources.

The many benefits of in-person infertility support groups

In-person infertility support groups are one of the most popular infertility resources, as they provide hopeful parents immense relief, support and education. Meeting with others who are also trying to build families connects hopeful parents to a caring community that offers numerous advantages.

Destigmatizes infertility. Attending in-person infertility support groups reminds hopeful parents that infertility is not shameful. Hearing others’ stories helps them realize how common fertility challenges are, and that they can touch anyone’s life.

Provides a supportive community. After connecting with a support group, hopeful parents often develop friendships with others in the group. This creates a community of strong individuals who understand their shared obstacles. Having a community reduces loneliness and isolation, and fortifies a person’s determination to take the next step toward parenthood.

Encourages sharing and emotional release. Support groups provide safe spaces for hopeful parents to talk about their feelings, without fear of judgment. Sharing can lighten a person’s emotional load, and can even reduce depression and anxiety.

Offers a wealth of knowledge. In addition to providing a range of effective coping techniques, in-person support groups can help hopeful parents learn more about various infertility resources.

Our Las Vegas fertility center encourages patients to explore the option of joining a support group as they work to fulfill the dream of parenthood.

How to find an in-person support group near you

One of the best ways to find local in-person support groups and other infertility resources is to search online databases, such as the one offered by RESOLVE.

For women living in Las Vegas, we recommend Maternal Minds Counseling, which partners with Nevada Fertility Advocates to offer infertility support groups. The first hour of this in-person support group consists of a professional facilitating the exploration of topics relevant to the participants’ infertility experiences. The second hour of the group is peer-led and provides a more informal outlet for sharing and connecting.

The combination of our Las Vegas fertility center’s leading-edge tests and treatments with the emotional assistance of a support group eases the journey to parenthood for many of our patients.

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