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Tips for Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing. Fertility specialists know the struggle of becoming pregnant after dealing with infertility issues, so when they are finally able to give the good news about a pregnancy, it’s a great day for everyone. It means that you are starting (or continuing) your family.

Unfortunately, many people may find pregnancy as a hindrance, limiting you from doing many everyday things like tying your shoes or exercising. There has been a recent study, however, that suggests exercise is good for mom and baby. Find out why, along with some tips on exercising while pregnant.fertility speciliasts give advice on exercise while pregnant

Exercise During Pregnancy is Good for Mom and Baby

A recent study found that exercise during pregnancy can be good for the mother and the child. Previous studies suggested exercise may cause harm to the baby, put too much pressure on the cervix and possibly cause preterm birth. However, this new study showed there wasn’t much danger at all. In fact, the women who exercised during their pregnancy had a higher incidence of vaginal delivery and a lower instance of cesarean delivery than those who did not exercise.

If you’re a fit mom and you want to continue being active with your baby bump, or if you’re a gestational surrogate who wants to stay fit, here are some tips from fertility specialists on how to keep you and the baby safe.

Get Your Fertility Doctor’s Go-Ahead

The best thing you can do before starting to exercise while pregnant is to check with your fertility doctor or OB GYN first. If you have a complicated pregnancy, they may warn you against certain exercises, or put you on bed rest. However, if you exercised regularly before pregnancy, you may be okay to start a healthy and safe routine.

Pick the Right Exercise

Once you are given permission to work out, choose the safest and easiest activity. Avoid dangerous sports that require contact with other players, or activities that may knock you off balance. Avoid any exercise that requires you to lay flat on your back as this puts pressure on a major vein and could reduce blood to your heart. Exercises like swimming, walking, light aerobics and prenatal yoga can be great for you to stay fit and active during your pregnancy.

Be Prepared for Your Workout

Once you decide on your activity, you should equip yourself with all the things you need. Wear comfortable clothes that are loose-fitting and breathable. Also, pick shoes that fit your feet snug, yet comfortable. Before you start any workout, you should do a quick warm-up to get your body ready. And, of course, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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