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The Reasons Gestational Carriers Would be an Option

Many situations occur where a woman, who is still able to produce healthy eggs, cannot carry a baby through the entire pregnancy. This can be difficult to accept, knowing that you have the capability to conceive but not the ability to deliver. Thankfully, options exist, such as utilizing a Gestational Carrier, to help you start your dream family.

Sometimes medical issues prevent a woman from physically carrying a pregnancy. There could be complications due to uterine cancer, abnormalities of how the uterus is formed, an infection that has damaged the uterus or any other health issues that may prevent a mother from carrying a baby. Single men and gay families who want to start a family would also benefit from a gestational carrier.

A gestational carrier (GC) is a woman who agrees to carry a baby through the pregnancy for a couple or individual. The GC would not contribute any DNA or genetic material to the baby, just provide a healthy uterus to carry the baby.

The embryo is created from the egg and sperm of the couples or donor through in vitro fertilization. The embryo is then transferred to the uterus of the carrier. The gestational carrier must have a healthy uterus and is screened alongside both of the parents for any infectious diseases. The GC may be a family member, friend, a compensated or uncompensated volunteer.

The first step in the process is to schedule an appointment for a consultation. You will discuss all the steps in the journey to parenthood and answer any questions you may have. Next, you will choose the gestational carrier and any donors that may be needed in the process. You will meet with the top attorneys in the field of surrogacy, and finalize all legal contracts and documentation. Finally, you will undergo in vitro fertilization and the embryo will be implanted in the carrier’s uterus.

A gestational carrier/surrogate may be an option for a variety of individuals, including single male and females, lesbian couples, gay couples and heterosexual couples. For more information, contact The Fertility Center to schedule an appointment or to attend one of our patient education seminars.

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