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Meet New Patient Coordinator Nancy Watts

Meet Nancy Watts, a knowledgeable source of support during fertility care

Meet Nancy Watts, a knowledgeable source of support during fertility care

Patients seeking care from our Las Vegas fertility clinic receive high-quality support from new patient coordinator Nancy Watts. After the patient has their initial consultation with a fertility specialist, Nancy helps them coordinate diagnostic testing and the other steps that they will need to take before they begin fertility treatments.

Nancy makes sure to spend plenty of time helping patients understand what to expect from their initial tests, and she helps them process the eventual results. She also provides ample emotional support along the way.

Our new patient coordinator has extensive experience in the medical field, as she worked in an ophthalmology practice in Idaho for 20 years before coming to work at our clinic. She says she’s honored to work at a practice that utilizes effective fertility treatments to help all types of couples and individuals become parents.

Nancy Watts has a deep understanding of infertility

Meet Nancy Watts, a knowledgeable source of support during fertility careNancy has an intimate understanding of what patients at our Las Vegas fertility clinic are going through. She and her husband of 20 years also navigated infertility. “I was unable to have children with my current husband,” Nancy says. “We tried to have a baby together, but it just didn’t work. It was devastating. We eventually discovered that I had a uterine disease that prevented me from carrying a baby.” Nancy also has close friends who struggled with similar issues and eventually became parents through in vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor eggs.

Nancy brings profound compassion to her interactions with patients, many of whom are navigating the intense emotions that can come with fertility challenges.

An appreciation for the level of care at our clinic

Nancy Watts values the support the team at our clinic provides to patients, saying, “The level of care we provide is outstanding. I really believe we have three of the best doctors in the field working at our clinic. They’re incredibly knowledgeable and deeply care about the patients. They have the main goal of helping people from all walks of life fulfill their dream of parenthood.”

Meet Nancy Watts, a knowledgeable source of support during fertility careAs a new patient coordinator, she also provides this high-quality care. “I love patient interaction. I’m a compassionate, caring person and find joy in helping others build their family.” This joy extends to the staff at our clinic who Nancy says she thinks of as family. “It’s an amazing environment to work in,” she says.

When Nancy isn’t helping others on their path to parenthood, she’s enjoying time with her family. “My husband of 20 years makes life so enjoyable,” Nancy says. “I also have two grandsons who live in Utah. I’m with them as often as possible.”

To learn more about treatments at our Las Vegas fertility clinic, contact us to schedule a consultation. Nancy Watts, together with our entire team of experienced professionals, looks forward to assisting you.

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