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Lola Koziera Guides Patients Through Infertility Diagnosis

Meet Rose Koziera: A compassionate guide through your infertility diagnosis


Meet Lola Koziera: A compassionate guide through your infertility diagnosis

For patients who come to us seeking infertility diagnosis and Las Vegas fertility treatment, new patient coordinator Lola Koziera is often one of the first people they encounter at our office. With her caring, positive nature and knowledge gained through decades of medical experience, she quickly becomes a listening ear, fast friend and expert guide for new patients.

After each first visit, new patients meet with Lola, where she works with them to schedule any necessary tests. For many patients who just experienced their first visit with a reproductive endocrinologist, this can be an emotional time, and Lola’s soothing, friendly nature is just what they need in that moment.

Your guide through the first steps of infertility diagnosis

Meet Rose Koziera: A compassionate guide through your infertility diagnosisLola’s quiet, private office is the perfect starting point for patients beginning diagnostics and Las Vegas fertility treatment, with a bubbling waterfall, a Himalayan salt lamp and low lighting.

“I love meeting people and listening as they share their stories,” Lola says. “I absorb a lot of emotions and intense feelings. Some people feel angry after an infertility diagnosis. Others give me hugs, and that really makes my day. I know it’s a hard time for them, and I’m so glad they chose us because we truly do want to do everything we can to help them start their families.”

Lola takes the time to make sure that each new patient feels welcome, and to walk through the next steps in their process toward having a child. Whether assisting a single hopeful mom, a heterosexual couple or a same-sex couple needing third-party donation or a gestational carrier, Lola helps them understand what to expect and schedules the initial tests for both partners to clarify any infertility diagnosis.

“I try to remind everyone that infertility is very common, even though they may not realize it because lots of people don’t talk about it,” she says. “I want them to know that here, they’re never alone.”

Because Lola is new patients’ first stop before moving on through testing and treatment, she encourages them to stop by from time to time throughout their journey to keep her updated on their progress. And of course, she says, there’s nothing better than when patients stop by to show off their new babies.

A soul for adventure

Meet Rose Koziera: A compassionate guide through your infertility diagnosisWhen she was a teenager, Lola was told she could never have children, but she proved the experts wrong when she got pregnant with her son, Dante, in her late 20s.

As a single mom, Lola spent 16 years as a medical assistant in internal medicine and urgent care in Henderson, Nevada, before taking a year-and-a-half to try something new halfway across the country in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But luckily for FCLV, she felt Las Vegas calling her and Dante back home, and she joined the FCLV family to assist new patients in April 2016.

Lola says she’s glad she stepped outside of her comfort zone and moved, because if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t be part of the FCLV team, assisting new patients with infertility diagnosis and Las Vegas fertility treatment.

“Life is all about the adventure, and there’s always a new chapter around the corner,” she says. “But I love Las Vegas so much. It’s really a melting pot, and people don’t judge here. FCLV has a close team and a great working environment, and I enjoy my job. It’s really rewarding.”

Lola still enjoys a good adventure and has a soul for travel. She loves to be outdoors, read and spend time with her two rescue dogs. She’s engaged to be married, and is currently keeping busy with Dante’s high school football games and college search.

To learn more about infertility diagnosis and Las Vegas fertility treatment, contact us to schedule a consultation. Lola, together with our entire team of experienced professionals, looks forward to assisting you.

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