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We protest the protest against access to Las Vegas surrogacy

Proudly Offering Las Vegas Surrogacy ServicesOur fertility center recently presented at a surrogacy conference in Madrid, Spain, where protesters had gathered outside. We understand that third-party reproduction is a complex issue, and one that only those who need it to build their families can truly understand and appreciate.

The fertility treatment combines egg and sperm in the IVF lab, and then relies on the generosity of a third person, a surrogate, to carry the baby to term. For many men and women, including same-sex couples and women with insurmountable health conditions, this is the only way to build a family.

Our Las Vegas surrogacy firm fills an international void

Surrogacy is illegal in Spain – and other countries countries like France, Japan, Germany and China – so the Surrofair 2017 conference was held as a beacon of hope for anyone struggling to have a child and interested in traveling to the U.S for surrogacy services. An article about the protest stated that international adoptions can take up to eight years. This path to parenthood is an alternative to that long wait.

“We have attended this surrogacy fair twice, and received an email the week before the conference alerting us that the location had to be moved,” says Shiva Price, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas’ vice president of global operations. “We were saddened to hear that a large feminist protest group was equating surrogacy with female trafficking.”

Many of the protesters’ concerns were based off of misinformation, equating surrogacy with the “sale of children” and accusing agencies of targeting women who are financially destitute. In reality, only women who pass strict medical, psychological, social and financial screening can become surrogates in the United States.

In fact, says Price, the majority of the cost of surrogacy covers medical treatment and legal costs. The surrogate receives reimbursement for travel expenses and a nominal reward for her time and commitment that does not amount to a life-changing sum. Most women decide to become surrogates because they know someone who has struggled with infertility and they want to help give another couple the ultimate gift of a family.

Putting a face on surrogacy

One of our Las Vegas surrogacy patients shared her story of overcoming cancer only to be left infertile by the disease. For her, third-party reproduction was the only way.

She had this to say to the protesters in Spain: “I am fighting to be a mom, and I don’t care whether it’s a right or not. It is my dream.”

If you are considering traveling to the U.S. for surrogacy, please contact us to arrange for a free Skype consultation with Dr. Bruce Shapiro who is fluent in Spanish, or Dr. Carrie Bedient. Our Las Vegas surrogacy center has served the global community since 1988.

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