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Baby Prep: Throwing a Great Gender Reveal Party

After your pregnancy announcement, you may be anxiously waiting to learn the sex of your baby so you can share it with your family and friends. You can do this by throwing a gender reveal party. Whether you are surprised by the sex of your baby or if you get started early with gender selection, these tips can help you throw the best gender reveal party your friends have ever seen.

Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Balloons in a boxthrowing a gender reveal party

One of the first ideas for a great gender reveal party includes balloons. If you already know the sex of your baby, pack a box with pink or blue helium balloons.

If you want to be surprised along with your guests, have your doctor write down the sex of the baby on a sheet of paper and stick it in a sealed envelope. Then, ask a friend or family member to prepare the box for you. When you and your partner open the box in front of your party guests, you’ll be pelted with the corresponding color of your baby’s gender. This idea is a perfect photo op!

Picking teams

Another great idea for a gender reveal party is to set up teams. Have your guests wear pink or blue to the party, depending on what they think the baby is, (or what they want the baby to be!) You can also offer pink and blue party favors and accessories for your friends and family to wear during the party until the reveal. Fun accessories include necklaces, hats, pins, leis, etc.

Cake or gift reveal

This last idea is similar to the balloon idea, in that you may need assistance from your doctor and a friend. Take the note with the gender of your baby written on it to your local bakery. Ask the baker to layer the inside of a cake with either pink or blue frosting, depending on what your doctor wrote down. When you cut open the cake, surprise! You’ll discover if you’re having a boy or girl.

An idea like this can also work with gifts. Ask a secret family member to tell your guests the sex of your baby. Each guest can buy boy or girl-themed gifts, so when you and your partner open the gifts, you’ll learn the gender of your baby.

Get Started with Gender Selection

Many of our parents get a head- start on gender reveal parties by using gender selection. Gender selection is used with in vitro fertilization, and it allows parents to choose to transfer embryos of the desired gender into the uterus. Gender selection methods include preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

Parents may elect this fertility treatment if they have a preference for their baby’s sex. Otherwise, parents may choose this treatment for medical reasons. For instance, if a disease or disorder is linked to the sex of a child, like muscular dystrophy and hemophilia, parents can choose gender selection to avoid their baby inheriting that trait.

Learn more about your options for gender selection by contacting The Fertility Center of Las Vegas. We want to make your journey to parenthood as smooth as possible.

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