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Educating Teens about Fertility

Traditionally, parents and schools spend most of their time with sex education teaching teens how not to get pregnant. However, there are rewards in teaching teens and young adults about fertility and how to protect it so they can get pregnant if and when they want to. Your fertility clinic has resources to help you have a conversation about fertility awareness with your teenager.

What can cause infertility?

Many things your teen does now can affect his or her fertility in the future. There are steps you and your family can take now to protect fertility later on. Get your teen involved in fertility awareness by reading some causes of infertility.

fertility clinic educates teens about fertilityMedical Conditions

Certain STDs, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, can cause infertility in young women. It’s best to talk to your teens about safe sex to avoid contracting these diseases. In addition to STDs, certain autoimmune diseases can hinder fertility, cause early menopause or cause an absence or reduction of menstruation.

Sometimes, surgery or infection can cause pelvic tissue scarring. If your teen has had any injuries or infections that required surgery, organs may become bound together as a result. In turn, this binding could affect the function of the fallopian tubes or uterus. An endometriosis diagnosis can also affect fertility, causing the uterine tissue to grow outside of the uterus. Take your teen to a gynecologist to talk about these conditions and the effect they could have on reproductive health.

Certain Medications

If your teenager takes certain prescription medications, it could have an effect on their reproductive health as well. Make sure you and your teen discuss side effects with your doctor before starting any treatment. Chemotherapy treatment for certain cancers can also have an effect on fertility. If your teenager has been diagnosed with cancer, talk to their doctor to see if fertility preservation is an option.

Your Body’s Health

High hormone levels can affect fertility in both men and women. Also, weight has an effect on your ability to conceive. Make sure your teen stays active and keeps a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid severe obesity or being underweight. Your local fertility clinic can help continue to educate your family on these topics.

Talking to Your Teen about Sex

We all know it’s important to practice safe sex until you are ready to start a family. As a parent or guardian, try to normalize talking about sex, so your teen feels comfortable asking questions and talking to you about their concerns. Many teens do not know how to properly protect themselves during sex and could end up with an STD or teenage pregnancy. Your teens should know they have control of their sexual health; they just have to educate themselves about it beforehand.

Need More Resources?

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has resources to educate the family about the causes of and treatments for infertility. Check out our blog for weekly posts about fertility, or attend a free seminar.

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