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Dr. Shapiro Presents Research on Fertility Treatments in Las Vegas

The Fertility Center has been conducting successful fertility treatments in Las Vegas since 1988. Now, we are one of the national leaders in reproductive medicine. Recently, some of our fertility doctors came together with other fertility specialists in an annual conference to discuss the latest research in fertility treatments. Our very own founder, Dr. Bruce Shapiro, gave two presentations during the conference.

Fertility Treatments in Las Vegas and the Annual Symposium

On May 12 through 14, the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) Conference and College of Reproductive Biology (CRB) Symposium was held here in Las Vegas. This annual conference is a time when fertility specialists around the nation come together to share ideas and research associated with fertility. It’s both a meeting of specialists and an educational conference where leaders in reproductive medicine get to share their resources and work together to make treatments more effective and more affordable for their patients. In addition, it’s beneficial to talk about these fertility treatments in Las Vegas because it’s close to home for The Fertility Center.

Dr. Shapiro speaks on fertility treatments in Las VegasDr. Shapiro’s Presentations

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas’s founder and medical director, Dr. Bruce Shapiro, gave two presentations during this conference. He represents an organization called Ovation Fertility, which is a partnership between many fertility centers across the country dedicated to making “the best ART [assisted reproductive technology] program possible.”

During the symposium, Dr. Shapiro presented his two talks: “Has the Time Come for a Freeze-All Strategy in ART?” and “Convincing Patients an eSET Strategy is Good for Them.” It is certainly an honor to present and share research at such a prestigious event, showing that Dr. Shapiro’s expertise and experience makes him a valuable resource on fertility treatments in Las Vegas. Along with him, other Ovation Fertility specialists presented their own talks, resulting in a weekend of rewarding new information for fertility specialists across the nation.

How will this affect patients?

Because of our partnership with Ovation Fertility, The Fertility Center has access to some of the best resources in reproductive medicine in the nation. It shows that we are always improving, always learning more about how to better your fertility treatments in Las Vegas. Dr. Bruce Shapiro comments on the value of this collaboration by stating:

“We are proud of the collaborative efforts among Ovation Fertility labs and partner practices. The greatest advances in reproductive medicine result from the collective knowledge and experience of fertility professionals. The Ovation Fertility research presented in Las Vegas will benefit all patients who are considering IVF to build their families.”

Here at The Fertility Center, we want you to have the best experience with your fertility treatments in Las Vegas. That’s why we stay involved in educational conferences and fertility center partnerships. We keep our doors open to the best resources and advancements in fertility treatments. Schedule a free consultation to see h
ow our treatments can help you start a family.

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