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Simple Steps You Can Take At Home To Increase Fertility

Couples all over the nation have issues with fertility and go to a reproductive endocrinologist for guidance and fertility treatments. What prospective parents should know, however, is that infertility issues can come from either the man or woman. Below are some pieces of advice from a reproductive endocrinologist. All of these things are simple steps both you and your partner can take to increase your fertility at home.

Be Mindful of Her Weight

Studies show that a woman’s weight is a strong factor in the ability to conceive a child. If a woman is either underweight or overweight, these conditions can negatively affect the conception process. Women who were considered overweight for their height and age took twice as long to conceive a baby as women who were at a healthy weight at the time of conception. The best thing to do is to try to achieve a healthy body-mass index (BMI) before becoming pregnant. Talk to your fertility doctor about what healthy diet will work for your lifestyle, and how to incorporate more natural foods.

Protect his Sperm

One of the most important factors in conceiving a child is, of course, the sperm. If you go into a fertility center, your reproductive endocrinologist will conduct tests on the amount and motility, (or movement), of the sperm. Before those tests, however, you can do certain things to take care of your sperm count on your own.

For instance, major sources of heat have been said to damage sperm count and their motility. Men should be careful not to overexpose themselves to the high heats of baths and hot tubs. Soaking in hot water once a week or less is advised. Also, other studies have shown that men who constantly sit a laptop on their laps have damaged their sperm from the heat released by the fan on the bottom.

Watch What You Both Consume

Because fertility issues can happen in both men and women, your reproductive endocrinologist will advise both partners to watch what they put in their bodies. Some couples may not even need fertility treatments but need to be more mindful of what they are consuming.

Caffeine and alcohol can hinder the process and negatively affect conception. You do not have to cut these things out completely, but know that moderation is key. More than five cups of coffee a day has been said to increase the chance of miscarriage in women and decrease sperm count and motility in men. The more you drink caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, the less likely you will be able to conceive.

Also, couples are advised to stop smoking. This can affect how able the uterus is to receive the fertilized egg. It can also cause early menopause in women, which is detrimental to the women who are worried about their “biological clock” expiring. Smoking can also affect the sperm, causing them to move less quickly, and even creating abnormal sperm in the body.

Know Her Fertile Windowfertility treatments help infertile couple

The best time to have sex and conceive a child is referred to as the “fertile window” by your fertility doctor. This is normally the six days that end in a woman’s ovulation day. Pregnancy is more likely
to occur during sex on the three days before ovulation. Couples in the past have found success by using the calendar method, which tracks the different days of a woman’s monthly cycle. Using the calendar method, couples are more mindful of the best days to have sex. Ovulation usually happens around 14 days before the menstrual cycle.

Know the Ideal Sex Routine

Some couples think it’s best to “save up” their energy for the fertile window every month. However, your fertility doctor may not say that this monthly-only sex routine is any more successful than having frequent sex. Couples should find out what works best for them. Some find success in trying to have sex daily while that might be too stressful for other couples. Frequent, consistent sex is probably the best option for the prospective parents and communicating with your partner about your comfort level is even better.

Also, when having sex, couples should be mindful about the lubricants used, as some ingredients in lubricants can hinder fertility. A reproductive endocrinologist says to avoid those with spermicidal agents. And sometimes, water-based lubricants can decrease the motility of sperm. Speak to a specialist at your fertility center for the best advice on which lubricants to use.

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