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Getting and Giving Proper Support during the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, we spend more and more time with friends and family. While this may be a joyous occasion for some, it may be difficult for a person suffering from infertility. If you can’t have a baby, it may be hard to surround yourself with your cousin who has three kids or your pregnant sister-in-law. If you’re suffering from infertility issues, or if you know someone who is infertile, here are some tips for coping with holiday stress.

Coping with Infertility Issues during the Holidays

Resources for people suffering from infertility

support for infertility issues Infertility issues can create a sense of dread during the holidays. It’s a time when people are surrounded by family and are celebrating family. So, if you can’t start one of your own, it can be an emotional time. Seek the assistance of family counselors, fertility specialists, or support groups. These people can offer efficient support, as they sometimes know firsthand what you’re going through.

In addition to these professionals, turn to your friends and family. Tell them what you need from them, so they know the proper way to support you through your journey.

What to do for a friend with infertility

If you have a friend or family member suffering from infertility issues, take the time to learn proper infertility etiquette. You can play a major role in reducing their holiday stress. Start by accepting their infertility journey is serious. Don’t minimize their problem by telling them to “just relax.” Coping with infertility is an emotional journey and can sometimes be stressful. It’s a serious problem for your loved ones; they suffer from a medical condition that hinders their ability to conceive. Treat it as such, and try to be sensitive to their condition.

Also, don’t overstep your boundaries by trying to suggest a treatment plan for your friends. Their doctor knows best what works for their condition. They are coming to you for comfort and support, not medical advice. Also, don’t suggest adoption for them either, as many couples want the experience of conceiving their own baby. It’s not your place to suggest what they should do.

Try to be sensitive to your friend or family member’s needs. Don’t complain about your pregnancy or your kids to them. They want what you have—parenthood. It’s insensitive to complain about something they’ve been working a long time to achieve. Seeing your belly grow over the months is a constant reminder about the kids they have trouble conceiving.

Support your friend or family member in any way you can, or in the way they need you to. Simply ask them what they need, or just give them a listening ear. Be thoughtful this holiday season and come up with a great gift for someone struggling with infertility, like a bubble bath package or a relaxing massage to get their mind away from fertility treatments for just a moment.

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