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Support Resources for People Suffering from Infertility

Infertility issues are emotionally draining. Whether you are just starting in your journey of seeking treatments, or if you have had many unsuccessful pregnancies, you should focus on getting support to keep your mood up. Infertility doctors can, of course, support you medically and give you guidance in the office, but what happens when you step out of their infertility clinic? We’ve put together some infertility resources to assist you during your journey.

Support for Those Suffering from Infertility

Below, you’ll find different support groups and online communities founded to make your infertility journey a little easier. Check them out to see if you can find solace in a community of people going through similar circumstances.

Hopeful Footsteps

Hopeful Footsteps is a local support group, led by experienced social workers who have also gone through infertility treatment themselves.  They provide caring and compassionate support for those who need it. Visit their Facebook page to learn more and join them for their next meeting.

Resolvefertility clinic supports patients

This organization offers peer-led support groups for people who suffer from infertility. Group leaders are volunteers, and the meetings are built on the foundation of sharing stories and experiences to help one another. Visit their website to see meeting information and to get in contact with their group leader. They have a support group based here in Las Vegas, in addition to some groups in other states around the nation.

Attain Fertility

This site contains many resources and guidance on how to cope with infertility. They offer infertility support through counseling, stress relief and guidance for family and friends. Check out their resources for infertility. They have both online and in-person ways to obtain support.

Jalen’s Gift

Last, Jalen’s Gift is a group specifically for men and women who have lost a child. It’s a perinatal and infant loss support group. They meet monthly to discuss the journey of infant loss and possibly offer encouragement to try again at conception. Visit their website for more information and to find out the next meeting date. If you are uneasy about in-person communication, they also have a Facebook group for online contact.

Seek Fertility Treatments to Start Your Family

The infertility doctors at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas know how emotional it can be to try to conceive a baby. That’s why our staff is so compassionate and caring. We want to encourage you to be patient and optimistic throughout the journey. Our reproductive specialists have the tools and resources needed to help you start your family. Learn more about the fertility treatments we offer, such as in vitro fertilization or gestational surrogate, and see how they can help you overcome infertility.

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