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Do Fertility Foods Exist?

Find out the truth about fertility foods and whether they can help you conceive

Find out the truth about fertility foods and whether they can help you conceive

Your friend swears that eating sunflower seeds helped her get pregnant, while women in online TTC communities tout the power of citrus fruits and seafood. The world is full of advice about so-called fertility foods, but is there science to back them up? The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV) serves as a source of information for hopeful parents. That’s why our Las Vegas fertility doctors are sharing the truth behind eating for fertility.

Are there specific fertility foods that I should eat?

Simple fixes are everyone’s favorite, which is why people latch onto the idea that eating certain foods will help them conceive. While many alleged fertility foods are rich in vital vitamins and nutrients, that doesn’t mean there’s one magical food that will help you welcome a baby.

That being said, Dr. Carrie Bedient does have some fertility diet recommendations for hopeful parents. “You should eat the way your TV mom would want you to. That means getting plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and complex carbs. You should also try to avoid sweets and junk food because they can lead to weight gain. That extra fat tissue can interfere with ovulation.”

What are some other ways to improve your fertility?

In addition to following the fertility diet advice from Dr. Bedient, our Las Vegas fertility doctors recommend getting regular physical activity. Experts recommend that adults get at least 150 minutes to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week.

Being active can help you lose weight if you’re overweight or obese. This is important because research shows that just a 5% to 10% weight loss can be enough to improve fertility. Exercise is also valuable if you have a normal body mass index (BMI) because it can help you maintain your weight and stay healthy.

In addition to diet and exercise, our Las Vegas fertility doctors suggest that you work to control your stress with activities like deep breathing, meditation and yoga. This is because research suggests a link between infertility and uncontrolled stress.

If you’re ready to get started on your journey to parenthood, contact us to schedule an appointment. The FCLV team can help you manage your health and fertility.

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