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First Fertility Consultation

What to expect at your first fertility appointment

What to expect at your first fertility consultation

If you have decided to explore fertility treatment, you may feel overwhelmed by what comes next. We understand the uncertainty and anticipation that this first fertility consultation can create. Our Las Vegas fertility doctors want to put your mind at ease as you prepare to take this important step.

The initial consultation sets the stage for fertility treatment

At your first fertility consultation, your provider will use this opportunity to learn more about your specific situation. This visit provides our Las Vegas fertility doctors with a chance to review your medical history, discuss your efforts to conceive, and allow you to become more acquainted with the physician who will oversee your care during the fertility treatment process.

Tips on planning for the first fertility consult

To make the most of this time, we suggest that our patients come well-prepared for the first fertility consultation. Gathering everything you need ahead of time will help you feel more confident during the actual conversation. Consider the following recommendations to ensure success at this initial meeting.

  • Document your past attempts to get pregnant.
    Your doctor will want to know about how long you and your partner have been trying, how frequently you have intercourse, if you have used any fertility charting, and any other relevant details.
  • Pull together all pertinent medical information.
    For this visit, you and your partner will need to supply information about all medications and supplements you are taking. We will also need details about both partners’ medical histories and any medical conditions either of you has, as well as if you have had any other fertility assessments or treatments.
  • Make a list of important questions.
    Writing down specific points that you want to ask the doctor will help you remember these topics during the actual visit. Common questions from patients include how long fertility treatment takes, how much it costs, and what are the success rates of certain therapies.

Scheduling your first fertility consultation is a big move. You are in good hands with the entire team at the Fertility Center of Las Vegas. Contact our office with any questions about fertility treatment or to make an appointment with our Las Vegas fertility doctors.

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