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FCLV Presents Fertility Research at ASRM 2019

FCLV is honored to present original fertility research at ASRM 2019

FCLV is honored to present original fertility research at ASRM 2019

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) hosts a conference each year. It’s a time for fertility doctors and researchers to come together to share research and insights. For ASRM 2019, our Las Vegas fertility center will be presenting two pieces of original fertility research, which is a great honor.

A look at FCLV’s fertility research at ASRM 2019

Our Las Vegas fertility center submitted two abstracts of original fertility research for ASRM 2019. Despite the very competitive process and ASRM’s low acceptance rate (usually less than 30%), both of our abstracts were accepted. One was accepted for poster presentation and the other for an oral presentation.

Both abstracts relate to characterizing very early pregnancy, with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) measured just five days after an embryo transfer. The first abstract focuses on the clinical utility of this approach, while the other focuses more on biological implications.

Additionally, as an FCLV first, we are having medical school residents, Dr. Angela Liu and Dr. Ankita Raman, present these research findings. This is to promote their careers in reproductive medicine because our team believes it’s important to support the fertility doctors of tomorrow.

Dr. Shapiro will also be presenting at ASRM this year

In addition to presenting our original research, our medical director Dr. Bruce Shapiro has been invited to present on the ongoing debate regarding fresh embryo transfer versus the freeze-all strategy. The Middle East Fertility Society, which always sponsors interesting presentations at ASRM, invited Dr. Shapiro to do this presentation. The presentation is called “Fresh vs. Freeze All: The Current Evidence.”

Dr. Shapiro has also been invited to moderate a session titled “IVF Outcome Predictors.” This will be one of the largest ASRM 2019 abstract presentation sessions, so it will be held in the large ballroom.

Our Las Vegas fertility center team looks forward to attending ASRM 2019 and sharing its research and expertise with other leaders in the field. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our fertility research.

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