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As a touchy subject for many people currently in the process of trying to conceive, infertility presents many difficulties and frustrations for a blossoming family. It can take couples, who do not have any fertility issues, up to six months to conceive a child, and as we get older, the chances of getting pregnant lessen. For couples who have some sort of fertility complications, that chance is decreased even further and the necessity for fertility treatments becomes more apparent.

Fertility treatments can cost a substantial amount of money and the process through diagnosis and treatment can be lengthy. One study in London gives some hope to couples who could be experiencing infertility issues and who may not be financially able to afford fertility treatments.

The study found that the sperm of a man who ejaculates twice in one hour could increase the chances of conceiving a child. Researchers found that, through the method of intrauterine insemination (IUI), there was a higher rate of success when the second of a husband’s sperm samples, collected within an hour of the first sample, was used to impregnate the wife.

The study was conducted on a small sample of 73 couples with infertility issues, most being the male sperm quality being classified as subpar, using IUI. By using the second sample of sperm, success rates increased from the typical six percent to an astonishing 20 percent.

While many people believe that in order to get the best results you should abstain from sex to “store up,” but research has found that not having sex for a long period of time could negatively affect sperm quality. While abstaining for 24 to 72 hours could improve sperm count, the fresher the sperm, the better its conditions.

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive a child for a year, visit a fertility clinic to get a screening. Visit The Fertility Clinic of Las Vegas to schedule a consultation or to attend a patient education seminar.

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