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Baby Prep: The Importance of Talking to Your Baby in the Womb

At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, we strive to provide you with successful fertility treatments. It’s our goal to help you start your family. Once those treatments are successful and you’re given the good news, check back with our blog every month for pregnancy tips and a guide on preparing to welcome your baby to the world. This month, we discuss the importance of talking to your baby in the womb during pregnancy.

Talking to Your Baby in the Womb

One of the most incredible parts about pregnancy is that it’s a time for the baby and mommy to bond. During the last of the pregnancy stages, your baby can start to hear and decipher between voices. The pregnant mother’s voice is the first one the baby hears. Knowing their mom’s voice while in utero helps the baby recognize her and bond with her after delivery. The newborn can feel comforted, already knowing mommy’s voice.

Talking to your baby during pregnancy can give him or her a sense of security and ease any stress while in the pregnancy tips and talking to your baby bellywomb. It can also help with speech and language development. While hearing voices in utero, the baby can start to understand and remember words. They sometimes can even tell the difference between other languages.

Talking to your baby belly can have benefits for the parents, too. It can be bonding time for the whole family, and allow the baby to hear a second parent’s voice, too.

It is also important for parents that are using a gestational carrier (surrogate) to carry the pregnancy to talk to their baby in the womb.  With today’s technology, this can be achieved anywhere around the world with the use of recorded voice audio and headphones.

When can babies in the womb hear you?

At around 14 weeks, your baby can start to hear your voice. There are many ways you can interact with your baby through audio stimulation. Traditionally, people put headphones on their tummy for letting your baby listen to music in the womb, but there are much better results of your baby hearing your own voice.

Usesome of these pregnancy tips for talking to your baby:

  • Sing lullabies or your favorite song
  • Read the newspaper or kids book out loud
  • Talk to the baby when you’re alone and bored
  • Talk to the baby while you’re walking around the store picking out groceries

Try some of these out and do whatever makes you feel comfortable for baby bonding time.

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