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Baby Prep: Breaking the News to the Family

Undergoing fertility treatments can sometimes be a stressful experience. However, it’s all worth it when you get the news you’re pregnant. Here are some fun and creatives ways to plan a pregnancy announcement for your friends and family. Get excited about spreading the good news!

Planning Your Pregnancy Announcement

Cute Ways to Tell Family You’re Pregnant for the First Time

When you’re pregnant for the first time, it’s exciting to tell your family the good news. Get creative and poetic with your pregnancy announcement. Write a cute rhyme on a card and have an unsuspecting family member read it out loud. Announcing the baby through nursery rhyme is sure to be a hit!

Another great idea for announcing your pregnancy to the family is on top of a delicious cake. Get your family together for a big dinner, and order a cake with the great news on top written in icing. When you cut into dessert, it’ll be a sweet surprise for to plan your pregnancy announcement

How to Announce Pregnancy to your Partner

Most of the time, your partner will be there with you through the whole process of fertility treatments and will get the news the second you do. But, if there is a case you can surprise him/her, try this idea: Grab your game of Scrabble and spell out the phrase: “You’re going to be a daddy/mommy!” That way, when he/she opens the box or approaches the playing table, that’ll be the first thing he/she sees.

Ways to Announce Pregnancy on Social Media

If your family and friends live far away, you can still surprise them via social media. Keep it simple by posting a close-up shot of your positive pregnancy test. Or, if you’d like to be more funny and creative, take a picture of a literal bun sitting in your oven in the kitchen, and wait for your friends to figure out what it means!

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