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Pacific Coast Reproductive Society Conference

Recently, I attended the annual conference for the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society (PCRS). I have been a long-time, active member of PCRS. This year, I was honored to be recognized by my peers with the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society Practicing Physicians Award.

I participate in PCRS because I agree with their mission: PCRS is a global, interactive organization that champions the field of reproductive medicine. The Core Values are supportiveness, innovation, inclusiveness, collegiality, professional and personal development, and intimacy.

PCRS is a multidisciplinary medical specialty society providing Continuing Medical Education (CME) to physicians and allied healthcare professionals. PCRS offers the highest quality, innovative CME, designed and presented by thought leaders in reproductive medicine.

PCRS provides an outstanding forum for the exchange of information, and the advancement of the ideologies of reproductive medicine in a relaxed and collegial setting building relationships that foster the integration of current knowledge to ensure quality medical care for patients.

The Society operates for medical, educational and charitable purposes only.

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