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What are the Benefits of Assisted Hatching?

Advancements in assisted reproduction continue to allow us to help our patients in new and exciting ways.

For women who have experienced some trouble with in vitro fertilization procedures in the past, we know the feeling of defeat you may experience. However, assisted hatching can provide help for the infertile woman or couple trying to build a family.

What Is Assisted Hatching? benefits of assisted hatching

Assisted hatching is used in conjunction with in vitro fertilization. In this process, your fertility doctor can help an embryo implant in the uterus more successfully. In the lab, a specialist will form a small opening in the shell, or zona pellucida, that surrounds the embryo before it’s placed inside the woman’s body. This makes it easier for implantation to occur once the embryo is transferred to the uterus.

Does assisted hatching improve implantation rates?

Many women find success with an assisted hatching procedure. Hatched embryos can implant in the uterus one day earlier than those left to hatch on their own. This assisted hatching allows for a better chance of implantation to happen. In some cases, it can improve pregnancy rates.

Who benefits from assisted hatching?

There are many assisted hatching benefits for women who have failed an IVF cycle previously. Some women’s eggs have a thicker shell, so it cannot be breached as easily. Assisted hatching can help with that process by placing a needle gently into the zona pellucida and breaching it, allowing the embryo to start hatching.

The assisted hatching procedure is beneficial for women over 35 or women who have failed previous IVF cycles. It can also help women who have trouble with egg quality. Assisted hatching IVF is that last little nudge of help from your fertility center that can make conception possible. It is also reassuring to know that at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, there is no additional fee for the assisted hatching procedure if it is recommended by your physician.

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