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Talking to Your Family about Infertility

At our infertility clinics, many of our patients who are dealing with infertility struggles have a hard time finding a support group. Whether you talk to friends, family or strangers online, it’s always important to have some type of support system to talk to and confide in during the process of fertility treatments. However, it may be hard to explain your condition to your friends and family who may not understand. Here are some tips for when you decide to share your story with your friends and family—and even how to talk to kids you already have.

Talking to Your Family and Friends about Infertility

When you decide to talk to your family and friends about your struggles with infertility and your visits to the fertility clinics, you should first have a talk with your partner. Decide together on how much detail to tell your friends and family, and respect your partner’s privacy if there are details he or
she does not want to share.

Next, pick a time to talk with your family when you won’t be rushed or distracted. You should also include details on how they can best support you. infertility clinics offer advice on talking to familyThis helps them in supporting you if there are some things that may not work for you. Tell your friends and family that this is a life crisis and that it is very important to you. Your support system should not pressure you to talk about it, either. Tell them you will share info when you are ready and comfortable. Your friends and family may also be concerned about the fertility center cost, but it is up to you on whether or not you’d like to share that information with them.

Teaching Your Kids about Fertility Treatments

In addition to talking to your adult friends and family about your infertility, it may be a struggle to discuss it with kids you already have. Kids may ask, “When am I going to get a baby brother or sister?” Whether you are undergoing fertility treatments, or if you are starting your family through a gestational surrogate or adoption, it may be hard to explain to kids.

The best thing you can do is keep it simple and give your children limited detail. Don’t feel like you have to explain everything to your kids. Saying things like, “It takes a while,” or “The fertility doctor is helping us have a baby” can give your child a little more assurance in the process. Be hopeful with your kids, but don’t make promises you can’t keep. Also, be clear with your kids that you aren’t in danger. Let them know your reproductive specialist is there to help you and your family.

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