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Fertility Preservation for Transgender Patients

Here at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, we pride ourselves in providing many different options for fertility treatments, no matter what is the cause of infertility. Check out the options we offer for transgender patients who are considering undergoing a gender reassignment surgery.

What is Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Many people suffer from gender dysmorphia, which causes discomfort or stress because of a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity. When a person is born a certain sex but identifies as the opposite, they sometimes take the steps to medically alter their genitals, so that they will match their gender identity. This process is called gender reassignment surgery.

However, there are some risks involved with gender reassignment surgery. Patients can lose their ability to conceive a child after the surgery. The hormones involved in the switch can also affect fertility. Fortunately, however, many fertility clinics are starting to treat gender dysmorphia as a medical condition so these patients can receive help from fertility preservation, just like patients undergoing cancer treatments.

How Fertility Preservation Can Help

fertility preservation before transgender surgeryVisiting a fertility center can help you preserve your fertility before you undergo gender reassignment surgery, so you can have a family when you are more ready. Biological women have the option to freeze and store their eggs or fertilized embryos for an indefinite time. After their surgery or when they’d like to start a family, they can use their frozen eggs or embryos.

Most of the time, you can implant your embryos in the uterus of a gestational carrier or female partner so that your genetics will be involved in the conception process. Biological men have a similar option to store their sperm for an indefinite time. Later, they can use this sperm to fertilize the egg of a gestational carrier or female partner.

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