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First Steps Program

Helping uninsured, income-eligible patients overcome financial barriers

Company: DesignRx®

Features: This program is available to self pay patients needing help paying for their medications. Patients who qualify based on income or hardship cases may receive to up to 75% off their prescription purchase price. Furthermore, everyone who applies will receive some level of discount, with the largest discounts reserved for those who demonstrate the largest financial need.

First Steps Program Details:

  • Discounts for patients with documented financial need and a valid prescription for Follstim® (follitropin beta for injection),or Ganirelix® (ganirelix acetate for injection),and Pregynl
  • Patients can save 25%, 50% or 75% off the available self-pay price at participating DesignRx pharmacies
  • A valid prescription for an eligible drug at a participating pharmacy
  • Benefit is available at DesignRx network pharmacies only
  • Patients may not combine this card with any rebate, coupon, free trial, or similar offer
  • Patient may use the discounts multiple times within a calendar year
  • Patients must reapply each year

Contact: Design Rx First Steps or Fertility by Design

*Eligibility based on qualifying annual household gross income and first-time participation in the Compassionate Care Program.
†Patients must reapply each year.
Compassionate Care is not an insurance program.

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