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Dr. Shapiro to Attend American Society of Reproductive Medicine Conference

Written by The Fertility Center on . Posted in Blog, Infertility Issues

I am attending the annual international American Society of  Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) conference in Orlando Florida.   We are presenting a paper entitled ” Greater birthweight in autologous cycles using Frozen-Thawed embryos, when compared to cycles using fresh embryos , is not an embryonic effect of cryopreservation”.

In our ongoing research into the role of the uterus and endometrial receptivity in fertility, we compared the effects of frozen embryo transfer on birthweight in autologous and oocyte donation cycles in order to determine the potential embryonic effects of freezing from other potential effects.  We found the mean birthweight following frozen embryo transfer was 143g heavier compared to fresh embryo transfer.    The exciting finding in our study was that this higher birthweight was consistent with an enhanced uterine environment in frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles.

A very interesting talk was presented which revealed the importance of nutrition in fertility and pregnancy.  The research in this field has revealed that the nutritional environment during egg growth can disturb DNA integrity and can have long term effects on offspring.

This illuminating talk highlights the importance of nutrition in the journey to conception.  We stress nutrition in our discussions with our patients and we recommend all patients to meet with our nutritionist Lori Hayon.   Will give you all another update soon from the conference.

– Dr. Daneshmand

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