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Amanda Monaco

Amanda Monaco helps patients with billing and IVF financing options

Amanda MonacoIf you need fertility treatment or IVF financing at our Las Vegas fertility practice, chances are good that you’ll meet with Amanda Monaco, financial coordinator, to learn about the financial side of your treatment plan. Amanda joined our Las Vegas fertility practice in March 2016, building on her long career in the medical field.

Her first job was working the front desk in a medical practice, when she was 21 years old. From there, she moved into the back office, where her jobs included everything from benefits and insurance authorizations to surgery scheduling. She found her true calling in medical billing about 15 years ago and gained experience in the fertility field in her previous job at another fertility practice.

“Everything I know I learned through on-the-job training,” she says. “I came here because I like working in a ‘mom and pop’ atmosphere, and that family atmosphere is definitely what we have here. We are very family-first.”

Billing and IVF financing, explained

Amanda’s extensive experience in benefits, medical billing and fertility care all comes together to educate patients and help them make informed decisions about the financial aspects of their treatment plans.

Amanda Monaco“I help patients with their billing questions, and I also work with the IVF coordinators to help patients understand the cost of treatment and what’s included in any global fees,” she explains. “I get to meet with a lot of patients face-to-face when they come in with questions about bills or about the financial aspects of their plans. A lot of the people I meet are going through a tough time, and I feel good that I can be there to help them, comfort them and ease some of their worries.”

In addition to helping patients understand all aspects of the financial side of their fertility care, Amanda directs patients to outside resources that can help them find the financing they need to grow their families through IVF or other procedures.

“We can provide a list of financing companies that are designed specifically for fertility patients,” Amanda says. “We also have some discount programs and military discounts, and we are always working to get more plans that are affordable. We work hard to help our patients as much as possible with the financial side.”

Giving back

Amanda is a busy, sports-loving mom to three active kids. Her daughter is in college, where she plays basketball on scholarship. She also has a stepdaughter in high school and a stepson who is a recent high school graduate.

Amanda MonacoOutside of work, Amanda enjoys giving back to the community she loves. The focus of her volunteer work is Project 150, a non-profit organization that provides food, clothing, school supplies and other necessities to high school kids who are displaced, homeless or disadvantaged.

“I’ve lived in Las Vegas since first grade,” she says. “I love it here, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

She also loves her job at our Las Vegas fertility center, where she has found a community of co-workers and hopeful parents that feels like a family.

“Everyone gets along here, and our patients feel like family too,” she says. “When we learn that a patient is pregnant, we get super excited, and we have little parties in our office. We’re so happy for them! It’s a great feeling. And, if for some reason it doesn’t happen, we’re sad for them, too. We are as invested in our patients’ happiness as they are.”

Amanda MonacoFor information about IVF financing or billing at our Las Vegas fertility practice, please contact us today. Amanda Monaco, together with our entire team of experienced professionals, looks forward to assisting you.

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