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Single and Gay Men

At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, making parenthood possible in a warm, inclusive environment is paramount. We offer advanced fertility treatments in a state-of-the art setting allowing single or gay male couples to become parents of their own biological children.

Single and Gay Men

For single and gay men, family building using IVF requires the use of the intended father(s) sperm, a donor egg and a gestational surrogate. While some choose female relatives or friends for this role, many seek assistance from women who provide these services through a fee-based agreement facilitated by an agency, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas and/or an attorney.

Donor Eggs – If a family member cannot be an egg donor there are other options:

  • Anonymous Egg Bank Donors
  • The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has access to frozen eggs from donors who had more eggs than they could realistically use. These patients kindly donated them to The Fertility Center of Las Vegas to help others. Medical statistics and physical characteristics of the donors are available. This option eliminates the need to wait for stimulation & egg retrieval.

  • Anonymous Fresh Egg Donors
  • There are also women who donate their eggs for specifically these situations. Their identities remain anonymous. Anonymous donors are remunerated for their time, efforts and medical expenses. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas abides by the guidelines established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine to assure that the monetary compensation is not coercive or construed as persuasive in any way. All donors are screened extensively for known genetic diseases and sexually transmitted diseases according to FDA regulations.

Gestational Surrogate

If a relative or friend is not participating as a donor and/or gestational surrogate, male couples will need to engage an agency and/or attorney that screens and facilitates finding gestational surrogates. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas can recommend an attorney/s to consult with prior to making a decision.

The assisted reproductive therapy used is in vitro fertilization (IVF). Eggs are retrieved from the donor, are fertilized in the laboratory using the father’s sperm, and a healthy embryo is transferred to the surrogate’s uterus. (Unused embryos can be frozen for later use to attempt additional pregnancies).

At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, our doctors are renowned for their research and advancements in IVF, and have assisted in the conception of genetically related children for single men and gay male couples throughout the world.

To make the process easier for our patients, we offer a patient concierge to assist you. We offer donor egg services and medical and psychological screening of the gestational carrier of your choice. Our professional staff can also refer you to a surrogacy agency to assist in your search.

For more information specific to surrogacy, please visit our SurrogacyUSA.com site.

The 5 Steps to Parenthood

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Choose your egg and/or sperm donor & choose your surrogate
  • Diagnostic testing and patient evaluation
  • Finalize legal contracts and documentation
  • Fertility Treatment

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