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Preparing for your appointment: What to expect from an in-office hysteroscopy

A hysteroscopy is an outpatient surgical procedure to evaluate your uterine cavity and endometrial lining. Your Las Vegas fertility doctor can often perform this procedure in the office for your comfort and convenience. The goal of this procedure is to leave you with a pristine uterine cavity that will promote implantation and pregnancy.

Your doctor will perform the procedure after you are under anesthesia in our office procedure room. We will use iodine to clean the vagina and cervix. Your doctor will insert a speculum and gently dilate your cervix. A small camera is inserted through your cervix and saline (salt water) is used to expand the walls of your endometrial cavity.

In the days before your procedure, you will come to the office for a pre-operative appointment in order to review the risks and benefits of this procedure.

What is the purpose of a hysteroscopy?

It is not uncommon for women to have a suspected uterine polyp, uterine fibroid, uterine septum or endometrial scar tissue. However, all of these conditions can get in the way of pregnancy.

You will undergo testing with your Las Vegas fertility doctor. These test may include a gynecology ultrasound, sonohysterogram or hysterosalpingogram. If there is evidence of a uterine cavity defect, your doctor may wish to take a closer look with a surgical camera.

We can evaluate the uterine lining to diagnose any abnormalities. In most cases, we can use our instruments to remove any defects like polyps, fibroids and scar tissue. We can also sample the uterine lining so that a pathologist can view the endometrial cells under a microscope and look for any signs of infection or rare precancerous or cancerous cells.

Who will perform my hysteroscopy?

An FCLV physician will perform the surgery, with assistance from our nurse anesthetist and our operating room team.

Are there any side effects associated with this procedure?

The procedure is low risk, and you will go home to rest the same day. Occasionally, women may have some cramps and discomfort after the procedure. Your Las Vegas fertility doctor will review pain control with you at your pre-operative appointment. There is a small risk of infection after the procedure. Your physician will review any instructions for preventive antibiotic use if they are necessary.

In some cases, your doctor may anticipate that the hysteroscopy could take a little longer, for example when removing a larger fibroid. Some patients may need to have their hysteroscopy performed in the surgery suite at a hospital rather than in our office.

What can I do to increase my comfort at this visit?

Plan to come to your hysteroscopy with an empty stomach. You should not eat or drink anything on the morning of the procedure. You may resume your normal diet when you go home. Because you will receive anesthesia, you should also bring someone with you who can drive you home and stay with you for the remainder of the day.

Be sure to have ibuprofen and/or acetaminophen at home if you can take these medications. Additionally, heat packs and warm showers can help relieve any post-procedure discomfort.

What will FCLV do to increase my comfort?

Our anesthesia and nursing team will make sure that you have excellent pain control before beginning the procedure and through recovery. Some patients may experience some nausea with anesthesia, but our team can help prevent this side effect.

What are the next steps?

After your hysteroscopy, you will receive instructions to call the office if you have any problems with heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, pain that is getting worse, fever or chills.

Women undergoing hysteroscopy should avoid placing anything inside the vagina for two weeks. Showers are safe, but patients should avoid soaking in a bath or hot tub for two weeks after the procedure. Plan to engage only in light activity in the few days after the procedure while you recover. The amount of time that your uterus will need to recover before trying to conceive will depend on the findings of the procedure.

To learn more about what to expect at in-office hysteroscopy at our Las Vegas fertility doctor, contact us.