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Embryo cryopreservation involves the freezing of embryos for later use.

Many people all over the world yearn to be parents. However, the timeline of actually becoming a parent is different for many people. With such advancements in medicine, people can visit a fertility clinic and receive the care they need. For those who would like to become parents later in life, embryo cryopreservation, or embryo freezing, could be the best option to preserve fertility.

Frozen Embryo Transfer can be performed with excess embryos remaining after the transfer of fresh embryos. If the fresh transfer fails or if it succeeded and the patient wishes to return to try to have more children, then the frozen embryos may be thawed and transferred. Ask your reproductive specialist about our frozen embryo transfer statistics and single frozen embryo transfer success rate.

In many cases, all of a patient’s embryos may be frozen. It has been shown that many patients can have improved success rates with the transfer of frozen-thawed embryos than fresh embryos. When the patient is ready, their uterus will be prepared with hormones, including estrogen and progesterone. At the proper time, the embryos will be thawed, examined, and transferred. The live birth rates with frozen embryo transfers at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas have exceeded national averages for several years.

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