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Erin Freeman – IVF Clinical Coordinator

Meet Erin Freeman, our IVF clinical coordinator

Meet Erin Freeman, our IVF clinical coordinator

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV) is home to high success rates and compassionate care. In fact, this reputation is what inspired Erin Freeman to become an IVF clinical coordinator at our Las Vegas fertility center.

Erin has worked as a medical assistant, pharmacy technician and most recently a back-office supervisor for an OB/GYN office. In this role, she heard great things about FCLV, and she decided to apply when she saw an opening. “I always heard other people say wonderful things about FCLV and how innovative the practice is. When I went in for the interview, I could see how special it is,” she explains.

A look at our IVF clinical coordinator’s duties

Meet Erin Freeman, our IVF clinical coordinatorOur IVF clinical coordinator plays an important role at our Las Vegas fertility center. She assists two case managers with scheduling gestational surrogates and egg donors for fertility treatments. Her goal is to make sure that every third-party IVF cycle is a success.

She enjoys being part of the caring and collaborative team at FCLV. Additionally, Erin is proud to work at a fertility clinic that offers so many features to its patients. “FCLV offers extensive third-party services and its own database of egg donors. We also have some of the highest success rates in the country and a very passionate team. I’m proud to be a part of it,” she says.

Making the move from OB/GYN to fertility has been an excellent choice for Erin. “I wanted to start focusing on helping families have babies because it’s such rewarding and meaningful work,” Erin says. “The best part is seeing the positive pregnancy test on Day 10.”

What our IVF clinical coordinator does in her spare time

When our IVF clinical coordinator isn’t working at our Las Vegas fertility center, she has several interests that keep her busy. “I enjoy hiking, camping, attending baseball games, seeing shows here on the Las Vegas Strip and traveling,” Erin says.

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