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Advice from Richard Westoby on the Surrogacy Process

People who are in need of fertility treatments will know better than anyone else the emotional journey of starting a new family through surrogacy. There can be many ups and downs of the whole process, but the end result is a blessing. People who have gone through the process will tell intended parents the truth about the strength and patience surrogacy takes. Read below for advice from author Richard Westoby who started his family in 2012.

book cover for book on surrogacyWho is Richard Westoby?

As a man who’s always been interested in biology, Richard Westoby became an advocate for intended parents after he and his husband found success in the surrogacy process. He lives in the United Kingdom but chose to come to America for his journey to start his family because of the countless resources offered here. Westoby has a background in finance, but ever since his twins were born from surrogacy in 2012, he has been working with fertility centers in order to improve the knowledge around the surrogacy process for people who have exhausted all efforts in fertility treatments. He even wrote a book about the process he and his husband went through in order to prepare intended parents for the journey ahead.

What is the Process Like?

In his book, “Our Journey, One Couple’s Guide to US Surrogacy,” Westoby discusses easy-to- understand steps of the surrogacy process. He says that the process is an extremely emotional process and reiterates the fact that there are many decisions that need to be made about the process, legally, financially and medically and each chapter in the book walks the reader through that decision. Richard wants his readers and all intended parents to know that surrogacy is a journey that has many bumps in the road along the way, and a lot of problems. But, before you know it, there will be success and joy to come.

Advice for Intended Parents

Richard Westoby says intended parents should know that there are no guarantees in the surrogacy process. There will be times when the fertility treatments do not work. Not every trip to the doctor will result in pregnancy. However, Richard still encourages intended parents to never give up on the journey of surrogacy. It is best to have a stable and responsible support system to help you along the way. If you do not have supportive family members, or maybe if you don’t know anyone else who has gone through the journey of surrogacy, Richard Westoby encourages intended parents to reach out to him through his website for answers to any questions you may have, or just for supportive words.

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Richard Westoby and his American husband live across the seas but advocate for America as one of the best places in the world to start your family through surrogacy. It is the benchmark for making sure that all parties have legal representation and are making fully informed and empowered decisions. The Fertility Center is one of the most successful centers for fertility treatments in the nation. Our specialists have the resources and expertise to help you start your family.

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